Clark High School: Anything But a “Grumpy” Car Wash

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Latest Posts

by Alexis Escobar

On Saturday June 5th and Sunday June 6th Nevada FBLA Chapter of Clark High School kicked off their new year by hosting a fundraising car wash for their chapter. Organized by Chapter President Wayne Pirtle, his officer team, and adviser, they began by contacting the management of Grumpy’s Convenience Store on Charleston and Durango in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While speaking to the management of Grumpy’s Convenience store and telling them about their donation, based fundraiser for their FBLA chapter, management was very supportive and on board with having Clark’s FBLA chapter host a car wash on their property. They began to promote their chapter’s car wash by using the importance of social media.

By advertising their chapter’s car wash on Twitter and Facebook, they were sure to capture the attention of the Nevada FBLA State Officer Team.They had great support from Nevada FBLA State President Vivian Lee and Southern Region Vice President Alexis Escobar as well as the teachers and students from Clark High School.

Pirtle was nothing more than grateful: “It was a big surprise to have two state officers come support our car wash. We appreciate all of your support!”

He was also grateful for his team and stated: “I couldn’t be happier with all the hard work my officers and members put in to all of our fundraisers, especially my amazing Vice President Maricruz Valdez!”

Chapter Vice President Maricruz Valdez commented saying, “A car wash is a simple yet profitable fundraiser that we would suggest to all chapters!” And with a word of guidance from the Chapter team they said, “A few suggestions to other chapters: Start the car wash later in the afternoon and don’t use towels that are feathery, it WILL stick.”


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