Membership Madness!

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Latest Posts

by Alexandre Uboldi, Vice President of Membership

Nevada is one of the fastest growing states when it comes to membership! And this is all thanks to all of you — who continue to encourage your friends to join, advertise meetings on posters at your schools, and play active roles in promoting our great organization.

I would like to encourage you all to keep recruiting and keep promoting.  Membership is very important not only to the survival of local chapters, but to the prosperity and recognition of the organization as a whole.

There are many ways you can encourage membership within your school.  Boosting membership can be done in simple steps such as “Bring-a-friend” to chapter meetings, making morning announcements advertising FBLA events, and creating posters to hang on school walls.

Keep in mind that the best potential members are incoming students.

Nevada FBLA has a history of breaking records and setting trends for membership. Upholding that reputation is what makes us a top-notch state.  So, as the year begins, always be thinking about how you can make a difference and how you can recruit a new member.


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